Queenstown Plumbing Services

New Build

We provide a range of plumbing services in and around Queenstown for new-builds – from below ground upwards. Just email your plans to get a free quote and expert, local advice on next steps.

We will read the plans and do the drain-laying.
Following through with hot water cylinders or
Rinnai gas hot water systems
Central heating systems – diesel boilers with radiators
Bathroom fittings
Kitchen and Laundry pipes, fittings and Appliances installed.

We work well with other contractors requirements to maintain a happy site.

Everything will break-down eventually (hopefully many years down the track) so we make things accessible for repair.  As part of the research, we check and advise on availability of spare parts and after sales service from suppliers before installing products.


Plumbing in Renovations can be problematic, but that can be the appealing part of the puzzle. With a real ‘can-do’ attitude, we use our training and experience to advise on products available, ways around what is already in place and work on renovations.

Radiator installed by certified plumber in Queenstown

Heating Systems

Daryn is qualified to install and certify (or repair and service) diesel boiler and radiator systems; log and gas fires & flues; wet-back systems – mains or low pressure.

Central heating systems are popular in the South and can lower heating expenses by 20%. While the initial outlay is higher than a wood-burner, gas fire or a heat-pump, they are easy to operate and cost-effective to run. With over 25 years in Queenstown weather, we have our preferred brands, but we will discuss these with you and then source and install your choice.

Why Choose Us?

The thing that makes us a reliable plumbing company is our time spent working in a very different line of business.